Current Activities

Seasonal and climatic impacts on yield:

We apply pathway understanding in model species to solve real world problems in crops.

Effects of vegetation crowding on carbon resource allocation and growth in crops: 

Growth optimization using molecular or light quality approaches.

Resilience to climate change: 

We study the molecular processes that protect plants from the deleterious effects of heat.

Improving Photosynthesis: 

We are developing novel approaches to boost plant photosynthetic capacity, biomass and yield.

Temperature control of plant immunity: 

We study the role of seasonal and unseasonal temperature has on plant health.

The application of drone and satellite imaging technologies to crop management:

We combine ecological principles, advanced sensing and information technology to guide management for increased yield resilience and nitrogen use efficiency in crops at farm scale.

Field scale modelling that simulates ecosystem photosynthesis and water balance: 

The Soil-Plant-Atmosphere (SPA) model (tested in arctic to tropical conditions) has been used to determine the effect of drought on Amazonian rain forest. 

Modelling ecosystem carbon cycle: 

Data Assimilation Linked Ecosystem Carbon (DALEC) models are used to model carbon flux to leaf production.